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and a nickname is born:

My twin brother is calling the hookers for hookups defense procurement scandal…. Fornigate!!

If you need me on May 1st-

Don’t call my office. Pro-immigration activists say a national boycott and marches planned for May 1 will flood U.S. streets with millions of Latinos to demand amnesty for illegal immigrants and shake the ground under Congress as it debates reform. Such a massive turnout could make for the largest protests since the civil rights era […]

I am going to go and dig up the garden…

Because, clearly I have planted way too early. It’s starting to look A LOT like Christmas: This just in: Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a former Republican Party chairman, arranged the startup financing for a GOP telemarketing company implicated in two criminal cases involving election dirty tricks. . . . Barbour’s investment company arranged a quarter-million […]

From your lips to god’s ears….

Oh, my my my my my…. Digby …. oh, my… I don’t even know what to say…. Ken Silverstein at Harper’s blog describes the parties: As to the festivities themselves, I hear that party nights began early with poker games and degenerated into what the source described as a “frat party” scene—real bacchanals. Apparently photographs […]


Oh, this is gonna blow up real good…. Federal prosecutors are investigating whether two contractors implicated in the bribery of former Rep. Randall “Duke” Cunningham supplied him with prostitutes and free use of a limousine and hotel suites, pursuing evidence that could broaden their long-running inquiry. Besides scrutinizing the prostitution scheme for evidence that might […]

Billmon the sharpshooter…

in response to the fairly ridiculous “Five-Point Plan” from the President’s new Chief of Staff that was featured in Time Magazine last week: It looks to me like the only “five point” plan that could possibly revive Shrub’s political fortunes is the star on the end of Tinkerbell’s little wand. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzing, POW!

The double triple life

Yesterday I worked a full day, went home and did as much work for the fruit trees and the garden as the rain would allow, and then went to Music Hates You practice, where I played drums so hard that I put the bass drum beater through the bass drum head. Bass drum heads are […]

Bored with everything but the garden

Sorry, everyone, but I am really channeling all of my energy into growing stuff. The President seems to have found himself a bobsled team to Hell without any help from me, so I am out in the yard getting sunburned. Yesterday I spent an inordinate about of time cleaning and reassembling the carburetor on my […]

Are people really this stupid?

Someone put a freakin’ TV in the breakroom here at work. Since I don’t spend much time in there except to buy Nekots or peanuts from the vending machine, then it hasn’t really affected my life all that much. I don’t have a TV at home, so I am hardly EVER exposed to commercials. Today, […]

doing battle with your health insurance provider

We have the best healthcare in the world here in the United States… if you’re training to be a ninja and need to practice your ultimate fighting techinique. Angry Old Broad is doing battle with the goons at her insurance company. She mentioned it on the Alternate Brain today: I hate insurance companies.While I’m dealing […]

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