Still in Indiana

It’s kind of nice up here. Hotter than usual, they tell me, which feels just like home, so I am not complaining too much.

Still running around seeing as much of the missus’ family as time will allow.

There’s a whole slew of them, y’know.

And yes, today is my birt’day. And I am planning on having some Peruvian food for supper and watching a movie with my lovely wife.

Probably light posting as we criss-cross the Indianapolis metro area seeing cousins and stuff. Have a good one, folks.

I am supposed to be driving to Indiana

But man, am I glad I went to work today instead, so I could read stuff like THIS on the internets.

National Journal’s Murray Waas reports that Karl Rove was in fact columnist Robert Novak’s source for learning Valerie Plame’s identity, and that the two men, upon learning of a federal investigation, spoke and may have created a false cover story to hide the truth.

In other words, there’s mounting evidence that Novak and Rove not only lied to the FBI and grand jury, but they conspired to obstruct justice. Waas explains, with greater finesse:

On September 29, 2003, three days after it became known that the CIA had asked the Justice Department to investigate who leaked the name of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame, columnist Robert Novak telephoned White House senior adviser Karl Rove to assure Rove that he would protect him from being harmed by the investigation, according to people with firsthand knowledge of the federal grand jury testimony of both men. . . .
Rove and Novak, investigators suspect, might have devised a cover story to protect Rove because the grand jury testimony of both men appears to support Rove’s contentions about how he learned about Plame.

Oh, Turdblossom…. that’s like, SERIOUS jail time.

Skilling and Lay headed for the pokey, and now Novak and Rove in the Obstruction of Justice sweaty grope? Is it my birthday?

Why yes, yes it is….

Well, I think I will have a cigar in their dishonour.

Skilling and Lay, or as they will soon be known, Trixie and Layla, found guilty on multiple counts.

The Enron jury just came back with its verdict. Ken Lay has been found guilty of all six of his jury trial counts, as well as having been found guilty of banking fraud charges in a bench trial portion of the charges. Jeffrey Skilling was found guilty of 19 of his 28 charges.

Now, if you were Ken Lay, and you were in on those Cheney Energy Task Force talks where they divvied up Iraq in August of 2001, wouldn’t you be thinking about getting Someone (ANYONE!) on the phone right about now?

Long-time readers (both of you) will remember my Grand Unified Filed Theory of the Iraq war, Plamegate and the foot-dragging on the Lay/Skilling trial….

With any luck, it will all come unraveled with one or two phone calls made by a man who REALLY wants to stay out of jail.

A hard-on for bloodshed

Was quickly scanning TBogg (which is really inexcusable, since he usually makes me laugh out loud, though these days I am spending a LOT of my time talking about The Record), and saw a photo of Michelle Malkin holding a playing card.

Now, TBogg has had some fun with Malkin’s vBlogging, or whatever they’re calling the video thing over at Hot Air, and I have, y’know, like…. not watched any of them… so maybe, I thought, maybe Michelle took a break from race-baiting and demagoguery and she’s showing off her new card trick.

Gosh, I thought, that’s almost kind of sweet. Who knew? I like card tricks… I wonder what… oh, wait….

That card is the 1st Cav “Death Card”- the Ace of Spades with the Grim Reaper emblazoned on it.

The story goes, and I suspect that it is largely apocryphal, 1st Cav used to walk around the battlefields of Viet Nam after the shooting had stopped, sticking these cards into the mouths or hands of the enemy dead. There’s a scene in Apocalypse Now where Robert Duval as the maniacal Col “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” Willard is littering the battlefield with the Death Cards:

Lance: “Hey Captain, what’s that?”

Willard: “Death card.”

Lance: “What?”

Willard: “Death card. Letting Charlie know who did this.”



What is it about these [air conditioned, pampered] people that gets them all het up about killing people? I find it kind of unseemly. I mean, Captain Ed and The Malkins and LGF- fucking wannabe warriors one and all. Someone fill me in as to why they celebrate bloodlust a virtue.

If it ducks like a quack….

John Avrosis, who we sort of have an on again, off again thing with… y’know, one day he’s on point for civil liberties and then the next day he’s being fairly insensitive about women and the use of language to reinforce patriarchy, but wev…. it’s all good in the lefty hood….

ANYWAY, John has some thoughts on this guy who “cures” teh ghey, and the story that was on CNN last night.

If you read the ex-gay literature, their OWN literature, and I’ve read most of it doing research, they tell you outright that you will NOT become heterosexual from these treatments. You very likely won’t even be really sexually attracted to women, and you most certainly won’t stop being attracted to men 100%. The goal isn’t to become heterosexual, it’s to become closer to Jesus. Seriously, that’s what they say.

And while being closer to Jesus is a very nice thing, I’m sure, it has nothing to do with “curing” homosexuality. a “cured” homosexual is a heterosexual. And the fact that these folks are avoiding those words and responses tells you the entire story.

It’s just very sad.

Well, sad and very deeply creepy.