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Man, you gotta check this out

Ray Charles, on his 40th birthday, doing ‘I Walk the Line’ and ‘Ring of Fire’ on the Johnny Cash show… It’s my birthday present right back at y’all:

Still in Indiana

It’s kind of nice up here. Hotter than usual, they tell me, which feels just like home, so I am not complaining too much. Still running around seeing as much of the missus’ family as time will allow. There’s a whole slew of them, y’know. And yes, today is my birt’day. And I am planning […]

Fred Phelps is coming to Athens

And I am 700 miles away, in Indianapolis. The Westboro Baptist Church is coming to protest a funeral. Probably for the best. I would most certainly end up in jail. There probably isn’t a jury in the country who would convict me, though. I mean, would you send a man to jail for hitting Fred […]

I am supposed to be driving to Indiana

But man, am I glad I went to work today instead, so I could read stuff like THIS on the internets. National Journal’s Murray Waas reports that Karl Rove was in fact columnist Robert Novak’s source for learning Valerie Plame’s identity, and that the two men, upon learning of a federal investigation, spoke and may […]

Well, I think I will have a cigar in their dishonour.

Skilling and Lay, or as they will soon be known, Trixie and Layla, found guilty on multiple counts. The Enron jury just came back with its verdict. Ken Lay has been found guilty of all six of his jury trial counts, as well as having been found guilty of banking fraud charges in a bench […]

My birthday is next Tuesday

and I would sure like a copy of this book. I am just saying. ::UPDATE:: it’s a free e-book…. something I didn’t notice while I was reading the blurbs on it. Well, don’t worry, you can just get me something else.

Precisely so…

Jonathan Schwarz on the panty-sniffer in chief: So to sum up Broder’s worldview: Bill Clinton’s Wang And What It’s Doing Right This Second: HOT! HOT! HOT! Lies That Have Killed Tens Of Thousands: EH. THIS MAKES ME SLEEPY. Oh, the huge manatee!

A hard-on for bloodshed

Was quickly scanning TBogg (which is really inexcusable, since he usually makes me laugh out loud, though these days I am spending a LOT of my time talking about The Record), and saw a photo of Michelle Malkin holding a playing card. Now, TBogg has had some fun with Malkin’s vBlogging, or whatever they’re calling […]

Retail Temple

Gosh. A new temple for the Mac Cultists. As a Mac Cultist myself, I don’t know if I am qualified to have an unbiased opinion. But, I mean, look at it…

If it ducks like a quack….

John Avrosis, who we sort of have an on again, off again thing with… y’know, one day he’s on point for civil liberties and then the next day he’s being fairly insensitive about women and the use of language to reinforce patriarchy, but wev…. it’s all good in the lefty hood…. ANYWAY, John has some […]

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