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a minor correction

I got a link from my favorite music writer in the world today, and embarrassingly enough, I made a mistake in the email he is quoting. The father of the H-Bomb was Edward Teller, not Edmund. We regret the oversight.

more adventures in the life of a record

Music Hates You went to the Slayer concert at Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre last night to pass out postcards announcing the release of our new record. We handed out 1000 of them. (That’s all I could afford to print. It wasn’t cheap.) This sounds fairly simple on its face, but if we sort of unpack this […]

Here, you take it for a bit

Brother TRex has really taken the blogging torch and run with it here, as of late. Another brilliant and funny Late Night FDL. I know for a fact that he wasn’t feeling well when he wrote that. Lately, I have been swamped with promoting the record and playing. Sorry that I have been remiss in […]

Freedom has taken a little break from marching

In the evening, the body was still in the street being eaten by dogs.

Does this podium make me look fat?

Actually, the podium looks like half a million free minutes of AOL. (photo by Spotted) That’s me yammering on about what an honor and a privilege it is for Music Hates You to be selected as the 2006 Flagpole Music Awards Best Punk/Hardcore band. from l-r: Noah- vocals and guitar. Hidden behind him is Big […]

There are all kinds of luck

I am lucky enough to work somewhere I can watch the US vs. Ghana game on the break room tv while working from the laptop. That’s one kind of luck. I am pulling for the US. That’s another kind. ::UPDATE:: HHHHHOOOOOLLLLY SHIT IT’S TIED!!!!!! ::Update 2:: well, that didn’t last long.

This is sorta depressing, innit?

Once a government gets addicted to pawing through your data, I imagine it’s like getting them off crack to get them to stop, never mind who is in the White House. In a pivotal network operations center in metropolitan St. Louis, AT&T has maintained a secret, highly secured room since 2002 where government work is […]

Who’s with me?

I am thinking about going to all of Ralph Reed’s upcoming public appearances in full Native American headdress and buckskins with big fake bags of money and loudly demanding to speak with Mr, Abramoff’s friend. It would be fun if a whole bunch of us did it.

Will of the People? Anyone?

I love it when Bush or someone else in the White House says “We’re not going to let polls drive policy.” I especially like it when they tack on “Clinton did that, and that’s not the way we do things.” OK, if the will of the American people isn’t going to drive policy… what is? […]

Where all of my energy is going, lately

I have been really focusing on two things: 1. Painting my house. 2. Promoting my band. This is an email that I just sent out to all of the Music Hates You fan club mailing list and a bunch of other nice people: Tonight on the Local Music Show on 105.3 The Buzz in the […]

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