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Watch this space…

I may have a post up at Firedoglake later today. Or not. We’ll see.

Olberman steps on Rumsfeld’s glasses

Ho-leeeeee cow! Olberman with the Rumsfeld smack down at C&L. Wow. I am speechless.

Sasha says…

and I believe him: Earl Greyhound is a Great Band. Highly recommended.

Oh, so NOW it’s an issue?

Honestly, I kind of wish John Kerry would just go away. I mean, NOW it’s an issue that the 2004 vote was stolen? NOW? Sen. John Kerry didn’t contest the results at the time, but now that he’s considering another run for the White House, he’s alleging election improprieties by the Ohio Republican who oversaw […]

You don’t say?

Is there a corresponding phrase to “in vino, veritas” for when crazy people start speaking the truth? Like “in loco, veritas”? Latin scholars? Hello? Katherine Harris, as her campaign is circling the drain, starts talking about the Republican agenda like it’s an open secret: U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris told a religious journal that separation of […]

Matthew Yglesias on the Neocon Zeitgeist

They’re confused, and not very sharp: Once upon a time, I thought the neoconservative right was sincere in its dedication to democracy-promotion. Then I came to the view that they were cynically lying. But then I started to come back around on this point, especially after I started living in Washington and gaining the ability […]

The Potemkin Pizza Man

Rockey Vaccarella is just like Cindy Sheehan, only…. he made reservations for dinner, right? Is that what they’re asking us to swallow? And in fact, Vaccarella seemed very confident that he would be meeting with Bush when he left home, to the point where he had a date scheduled and everything: “Dinner with the President […]

you swallowed that? I was worried I was gonna step in it…

He’s traded his flight suit for a bookbag, and I’m not swallowing THAT either. Kathleen Parker, on the other hand, doesn’t even bother to hold her nose: This theory occurred to me not long ago at an off-the-record luncheon with Bush and a hundred or so of his supporters. I was the guest of a […]

Tucker Carlson= the bug. Fate and Jon Stewart= the windshield.

TRex with the gleeful forensic analysis of The Smoking Wreck (formerly known as the journalistic career of Tucker Carlson). And it has been a long fall. I remember not two years ago, you were ubiquitous. Your self-satisfied smirk was everywhere. The sun never set on your arrogance, oh, yes, I remember! You were the de […]

I had the same strategy in college

From CNN: President Bush on Wednesday cautioned against placing too much importance on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s Gulf Coast strike, saying it will take a long, sustained effort to rebuild the area. Dipshit. Does he think he was the only C student in an American university? I mean, c’mon… “Dr. Foster, I think […]

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