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Who do you want to make your stuff?

and are you willing to pay the difference in price? This is footage shot inside the Zildjian plant. They make thousands of cymbals a week. Amazing technology for making perfect cymbals: and this is Robert Spizzichino, artisan cymbal maker from Italy: I like Spizz’s cymbals a lot, but they’re not durable enough to be Music […]

photos from the tour are up

I finally have photos posted on the web of the Low Lows tour. You can see them here. Do the slideshow- then you get full captions and larger pictures. Pictures I wish I had gotten but didn’t: the “all-squid, all the time” meal in Cartagena. (surprisingly FANTASTIC.) the Sacred Family Cathedral in Barcelona Keith’s Van […]

This week’s white trash piñata

I am developing a theory about a certain kind of news story. I think that the 24 hour news stations cultivate a kind of news coverage of crimes and/or incidents that serve no other purpose than to give a certain segment of the audience something to feel superior about. Case in point, this week: this […]

Interesting supposition

Josh made an interesting catch today- How quickly things change … “Republicans do understand it is political suicide to keep this red-state, blue-state thing going any longer,” said Barry Wynn, former chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party and a recruit to Giuliani’s banner. “We need someone competitive in all 50 states.” I wonder how […]


Amber sent me a link so some more Masculinist chest-beating over at someone named Jace’s weblog. It’s the “Retrosexual Code”!  Oh, my! Instructions on how to “Act Like a Man!” I responded in his comments, but let me reiterate here for good measure: Odd that for all of the chestbeating, guns and killing people (or […]

I feel like I have seen this photo somewhere before….

Even this guy’s mug shot is kind of boring and derivative. well, here’s hoping the forced bathings and time-away-from-drugs of rehab cure him of his noodle-dancing musical affectations.

Keep the X in Xmas

There’s a thread over at The Velvet Rope about the toxic effects of Christmas music, and what the worst Christmas song of all time might be. I have no strong opinion of what the worst might be.  I tend to hate all of it.  I am not a big fan of the Holiday, honestly.  My […]

For the record

There’s a guy from Macromedia who thinks it’s silly for me to worry about the Remote Monitoring capability built into Flash. He says he’s tried to comment here several times and it’s failed. I find this a further indictment of the fallibility of software. [update]I found his comments clogged in my spam filter and released […]

Drool, really.

Stupid fucking dipshit. Really. I mean…. hello? Someone got paid to write this… I THINK ALL intelligent, patriotic and informed people can agree: It would be great if the U.S. could find an Iraqi Augusto Pinochet. In fact, an Iraqi Pinochet would be even better than an Iraqi Castro. Both propositions strike me as so […]

For your reading pleasure

SteveAudio was kind enough to send a link this way talking about my recent jaunt in Europe with the Low Lows. Since hacking one’s way backwards through WordPress means that all entries display in reverse chronological order, I have compiled all of my blog entries from that trip into one page, which you can read […]

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