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last fall was good

Actually, it was great. You can see the videos we shot in Paris with the Low Lows in their entirety here. In the meantime, here’s one to whet your appetite: #36.1 – The Low Lows – Black BeesUploaded by lablogotheque

i am spartacus

Me, too. There aren’t many things at this point that will drag me out of my Schiavo-like aversion to blogging about political stuff, lately. But on this one, I want to stand up and be counted. Love ya, Sis.

Well, if it wasn’t dead before, it’s room temp now

you may have been wondering why this space has largely gone dark lately. I dunno, now that’s it’s fashionable to think the President is an idiot, I just don’t have the burning need to do political blogging. I have been debating continuing to just blog personal stuff- my entrance into the world of audio engineering […]

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