i am spartacus

Me, too.

There aren’t many things at this point that will drag me out of my Schiavo-like aversion to blogging about political stuff, lately. But on this one, I want to stand up and be counted.

Love ya, Sis.

Well, if it wasn’t dead before, it’s room temp now

you may have been wondering why this space has largely gone dark lately. I dunno, now that’s it’s fashionable to think the President is an idiot, I just don’t have the burning need to do political blogging. I have been debating continuing to just blog personal stuff- my entrance into the world of audio engineering has been sudden and deep. My first session as assistant engineer I ended up tuning drums, setting mics, playing instruments, writing lyrics, actually performing vocals (in Spanish!) on the track and actually writing the chorus. For a rap song. No shit.

I told the producer “Next I am gonna drag the infield and warm up the relief pitchers…”

Additionally, today, comes the rather disturbing possibility that the monkey brigade has caused TWO friends of mine to lose their jobs working for the Edwards campaign.

This is fucking ridiculous. You don’t need me to tell you that. Michelle Malkin just needs to give up all pretense and run around screaming “But *I’m* the prettiest one! Where’s my Presidential candidate job?”

I hate to say it, but i have had it. Lately, I read my brother’s entries at Firedoglake, devour whatever TBogg and Norbizness have served up because they make me laugh, skim Atrios (the white liberal middle class CNN… thank you Chuck D…) check in with SteveAudio because he’s my hero, and Josh Marshall’s front page, and fuck it, that’s it. After that it’s off to the Moparts forum to talk about old cars and how to make them go faster. I am just totally burnt out on angry political people and their blogs. That includes me, by the way.
I hope you folks that had become regular readers understand. I need to become a recording engineer. That’s my new ambition, so I got homework to do. I am taking on loads of extra work to throw money in the bank to buy microphones. It’s eating my time, believe me.

I do miss hearing from you guys. I will probably start leaving occasional recording diaries here for everyone’s edification and entertainment, but I don’t know if I will ever go back to political blogging every day. You guys are just gonna have to carry the water for me.

The Dart, by the way, is running like a dream.

Oh, yeah, rockers…. check this out!