Conversation with a British Person today

Transcript of an instant messaging conversation today:

Patrick: god, people and their ringtones!
Patrick: someone’s phone is out there playing one of the songs from an American Idol winner
Patrick: and instead of answering it, she’s singing along!!!!
Patrick: and your country doesn’t allow firearms!
vick: Technically, we don’t really allow American Idol either.
vick: meeting – back later

I’ll do the time for the cash, no problem

Let me say that for $1 million (after taxes, whatever that works out to be before taxes), I will be HAPPY to serve 45 days in the men’s version of the correctional facility to which Paris Hilton has been sentenced.

Please forward this to any media who you think might help facilitate this transaction, I would like for the Hiltons and Gov. Schwarzenegger to know this ASAP.

45 days? I can do it for a fraction of the Hilton family’s daily spending budget.


“Right here! Get Set! Point! Fire!”

Sounds like bullshit to me.  Bonus points to anyone who can figure out WHY I say that.