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Day off in a hotel room UPDATE!

TV really fucking sucks! What are people doing looking at this SHIT?

Last night was Chicago

And it was better than Indy as far as playing with confidence and accuracy, but there were still some minor issues with ending at the right time and reading signals from Tim Butler. All in all, it feels like it’s moving forward. We played at the House of Blues in Chicago, which is a really […]

First Show- Successful.

Well, after a long soundcheck where we played most of the set, I felt like I was NEARLY ready to play the first show. It was not the best soundcheck- been struggling with some parts. The Furs seemed a bit trepidatious about their new drummer. This was perfectly understandable, as we had yet to get […]

First night sleeping on a tour bus

I am just waking up in the greenish pre-dawn light of rural Indiana before sunrise.  We aren’t very far outside of Indianapolis. The tour bus is a nice one according to all of the touring veterans on the bus.  I wouldn’t know, it all seems nice to me, compared to the many vans of my […]

I have to admit, it’s getting better… It’s getting better all the time

Second day of rehearsals went better than the first. Still having some minor issues with nerves causing me to speed my tempos up a bit. I think I might do the first couple of shows with a click either in my monitors in some headphones. (for those of you who are not aware, a click […]

First day, not perfect

Internet was down here at the hotel all day yesteday, so I wasn’t able to write much here. I wasn’t in top form yesterday. Mostly it’s nerves, which made me play like like I didn’t know what I was doing. That’s the funny thing about these sorts of gigs- it’s so important to play well […]

I am in Connecticut

Landed safe and sound in Newburgh, NY last night and was met at baggage claim by the Furs’ tour manager, Bob, who is a fantastic guy. He spotted me amongst all the other travelers without too much trouble. Bob has been managing tours for 30 years and is full of interesting stories and observations. The […]

I love hackers and geeks

This little trick just saved my life. I went to Cingular yesterday, with the full intention of doing the hardcore “Well, you may have noticed my contract with you is UP, and I am gonna need a few things from you before I sign up again. I want a free phone and what’s this ‘data […]

So, then my phone stops charging…

I leave in 24 hours to start rehearsals. so of COURSE my phone dies and takes all my numbers with it. If you’ve ever gotten a phone call from me, now would be the time to touch base so I can get your number again. Email it to me, text it to me, of give […]

Back in the saddle

Well, kids, you’re not gonna believe this, but I am going to be drumming for the Psychedelic Furs on their upcoming US Tour. Ain’t that a gas? My friend Hugo who plays drums for Gang of Four was supposed to be doing this tour, but his family back in England needed him badly, so he’s […]

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