Shiny pretty

New color screen iPods.

A guy could almost swear off being an anti-materialist for this..

the real purpose of this screen is, of course, to display your digital pictures, which the iPod Photo automatically copies from your Mac or PC.

you can also connect the iPod Photo to a TV set by plugging the included iPod-white, three-headed audio-video cable into, of all things, the iPod’s headphone jack. (There’s also an S-video jack on its charging cradle.)

  1. i don’t get it?

    it’d be a lot more useful (and possibly worth the price) if it could connect directly to any usb-based digital camera and download the pics to the ipod, thus freeing up space on the camera for more pictures (i think they call similar devices “digital wallets”).

    but a portable picture slideshow? huh?

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