Who is YOUR local second rate newspaper endorsing?

From The Manchester Guardian:

Ocala (Fla.) Star-Banner endorsed Bush on Oct. 24:
The economy is on the upswing, new jobs are being created and inflation is under control. Our schools are showing steady improvement and the massive federal government is functioning reasonably well. But most important, America and its people are vigilant like never before against the threat of our enemies.

You’d be tempted to ask if these people are reading the news, but unless this is one of those newspapers where you browse for a second hand lawn tractor and a used shotgun, apparently they write the news…

Houston Chronicle endorsed Bush on Oct. 24:
Like many people, Bush finds it difficult to admit a mistake, particularly when under attack on all sides. However, history is replete with instances in which imperfect but confident national leaders proved preferable to cautious, indecisive ones.

Blindfold? check…
Open wheel Indy car? check…
Three shots of Jaeger and three rails of blow? check…
Let’s get out there and make policy!

Watching people that can read and write and are in the news business dig for rationalizations to support this guy is interesting sport. I suggest you go and read the whole thing.

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