Hmph. David Mamet likes movies for the same reasons that I do.

More from The Guardian today. David Mamet writes about his favorite film moments, and I realize that he likes movies for the same reasons that I do. Film artificially creates moments that must simulate life in a way that resonates with the watcher. Creating those moments means imagining them and understanding all of the connotations of the elements of the scene, then making them happen in a way that removes all connotation that might detract from the scene…

Buster Keaton, frantically shovelling wood into the boiler of The General, as his fiancee, ever helpful, takes a splinter and dusts it before handing it to him. He does the world’s most sublime take, mooting, serially, homicide, forgiveness, and resignation in a half-second. Henry Fonda, framed in the light of an opening door, as he wins his first big case as Young Mr Lincoln, the light as the beginning of his apotheosis as our American Saint. The shot (in both Stairway to Heaven and One of Our Aircraft Is Missing) of the control yoke of a British bomber, tied down, an empty cockpit, the plane flying on autopilot after its crew has jumped.

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