Holy cow, that’s it. I am reading this essay over at Hissyfit and Wing Chun tosses this out like it’s a foregone conclusion. It’s so obvious, I guess it’s not entirely unreasonable to just toss this line over your shoulder, but My Oh My, is it an astute observation:

Leaving aside the whole crooked-Republicans issue, and Ralph fucking Nader, part of the blame has to fall on Gore, because while he’s clearly a very smart man and would probably have been an excellent president — terms of actually leading the country, as opposed to acting like the star of a movie called America — he apparently sucks at campaigning and doesn’t have a lot of native charisma.

Emphasis mine, to call attention to the money line there. It’s so simple and obvious that it almost begs the question to even bring it up, but that’s EXACTLY what the last four years have been like. Hand. Forehead. SMACK.

Get the cameras in place and the lighting right… never mind that reality and rhetoric aren’t even in the same zip code. Just make it look good enough for Fox News to get its shot.

  1. Damn bad movie. No script, lousy direction, a whole cast of bad actors. The principals would rather make deals than make a picture. Now they want an Oscar (4 more years). I’m asking for my money back. The popcorn was stale too.

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