Fresh Krugman

Just in case you forgot to check… Fresh Krugman op-ed in the NY TImes.

Just in case, the right is already explaining away President Bush’s defeat: it’s all the fault of the “liberal media,” particularly The New York Times, which, so the conspiracy theory goes, deliberately timed its report on the looted Al Qaqaa explosives – a report all the more dastardly because it was true – for the week before the election.

It’s remarkable that the right-wingers who dominate cable news and talk radio are still complaining about a liberal stranglehold over the media. But, that absurdity aside, they’re missing a crucial point: Al Qaqaa is hardly the only tale of incompetence and mendacity to break to the surface in the last few days. Here’s a quick look at some of the others:

A nice list follows.

eat the whole sandwich.

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