Remember the scene from the Chappelle show?

The one where Eddie Murphy and his brother beat on Rick James’ legs for putting his boots on the couch?

That’s how my legs feel… right now

Here’s the stunner- my dad, who could barely get out of bed this morning, ran the whole fucking marathon. He’s a crazy man. Can’t believe it. Any sane human being would have stayed home and watched it on the news.

This was not my best marathon, not by a long shot, but it was because I made a conscious decision not to just run off and abandon my dad. He was bound and determined to tough out the marathon, even though he was in terrible pain the whole way. It took us more than six hours to finish, and let me tell you… you might think that it’s easier to run 26.2 miles more slowly. It’s not. It’s way, WAY harder. Because we were out there an extra hour and a half longer than we had planned, and it hurt the whole last two hours of the race. It was brutal….

I am sunburned. and dehydrated still. And walking is a chore. Lying down, also a chore. Everything hurts, but we finished.

Gordon, oo-rah right back at ya!

that’s four marathons I have run. Today was the hardest. Whew.

  1. Wilson

    Congrats Tigger! Four marathons is super impressive. I never would’ve even attempted one marathon if you hadn’t done the DC one in 2002.

  2. The one thing I hated the most about the Corps was running. Good for you. Glad you made it, and your dad too. Whisky works for the aches and pains. Apply liberally, internally of course.

  3. man, that’s awesome. i’d like to run a marathon one day, but i get insane pain in my right knee after running more than a couple miles… sucks. thankfully i can bike and walk and everything except run and my knee is fine.

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