The [Good/Bad] Old Days

I was talking to one of the guys that I work with this morning and was reminded of something that happened when I was 20 and a starving musician. Now, understand that when I use the word “starving” that it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but only a BIT… I made a decision when I left college to be a musician that I wasn’t going to ask my family for help. Full Stop. So, there were some lean times, and eventually, when things got a little better for the band, I did take some help here and there from the fam, but this was still when I was in my principled and hungry stage, where I was eating once a day (if that) and living on coffee and cigarettes.

SO… the drummer for the Dashboard Saviors and I were sharing a room (not a house, a ROOM) on Meigs Street here in Athens, and he had a job at Wendy’s, so he was eating at least something each day, and bringing home the oddest stuff, like a stack of cheese slices or some buns. But that’s how we were eating, y’know, a little here, a little there…

I remember one morning, it was like 3 am, and I woke up to John kicking my bed and (happily) shouting “Wake up! Wake up!”

I sat up in bed, and he was standing there in the semi-dark with two big trashbags. “What, John, what?”

“I just left Dunkin Dounuts. They were going to throw these out!”

“John,” I said, “those are 35 gallon trash bags.”

“And,” he said, “they’re full of donuts!”

“I’ll make some coffee.”

Oh, that was a fine night. I still can’t look at anything with apple filling. It was so nice to finally be full, though.

  1. chris

    Ah, I can relate. You learn to make meals very cost-effective. I remember back in school, we would make a pretty good “bacon sandwich” at Burger King using saltines, bacon bits, and mayonnaise that they had out as free condiments.

  2. I knew you were a little skinny, but I didn’t know you were starving. Sheesh, I would have taken you to the grocery store with me or brought you the DePalma’s leftovers or something.

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