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And you could maybe save a life. From Norbizness who is doing his penance for being from Texas:

Another female death row prisoner scheduled for execution that our Republican governors can mock. Unlike Karla Faye Tucker, however, this one maintains her innocence, had a lawyer who did absolutely no lawyering in her case under the old, shitty indigent defense system, and has been tied to the murder only with outdated tests from a crime lab that’s a disaster area. Some highlights from the linked article (Newton is the prisoner, Mock was her criminal defense attorney):

•Newton said that, in the months leading up to the trial, Mock rarely spoke with her about her case. In a court hearing shortly before the trial, Mock said he had not filed any motions, spoken with any witnesses or submitted a list of possible witnesses to subpoena.

•Mock told her he had thoroughly investigated the physical and scientific evidence in the case, but later admitted he had not.

•Mock has been barred from accepting court-appointed capital cases since 2001, when state legislators enacted landmark reforms in the way indigent legal defense is handled in Texas.

•Court records show that tests also found traces of possible gunpowder on the dress Newton wore. But her attorneys say that may have been garden manure, which, like gunpowder, has nitrates and can trigger a false positive test result. Initial tests on Newton’s hands on the night of the crime found no evidence that she had fired a gun, court records show.

•Prosecutors have opposed requests for new testing on the dress, despite new technology that could differentiate between gunpowder and manure.

Those Texas pro-lifer republicans just LOVE killing folks. What’s up with that?

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