Plame Case update in the WaPo

I should care more about this than I do. I still don’t understand why Robert Novak isn’t in jail. Maybe it’s because his high, thin voice adds some nice color on that last chorus of “Deutchland Über Alles.”

I mean, this article focuses primarily on the issues facing other reporters involved in the case and their reluctance to reveal their sources, which is something I have to support, even if one if them is Judith Miller (who still thinks she was “fucking right.”), but Robert Novak needs to be in court, perhaps in jail.

I mean, shouldn’t he?

Abrams, however, argues that reporters should have the right to protect sources no matter what kind of leak they publish.

“If Novak were before the court, too, there couldn’t be a different result for him,” Abrams said.

But Novak is not before the court, and a key question in the case is why he is not, because he presumably knows the identities of the original leakers.

Neither he nor Fitzgerald has been willing to say whether Novak has even been subpoenaed or, if so, whether he has cooperated.

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