Renaming the Blog

I am still thinking seriously of renaming the blog. I was thinking of “Where is Buddha?” (A play on the title of Salaam Pax’s blog “Where is Raed?” and a little levity about last week’s crisis.) Other titles seriously considered: “Hackerish”, “[mylife:~] # rm -r knuckleheads” (that’s probably a way-too-inside joke), “Scattered Showers”, or “Tractor Worship.”

Any thoughts or suggestions are hereby solicited.

  1. I’m not inside enough to get it, I guess.


    One Hand Drumming (instead of one hand clapping? ok, that one sucks)
    New and Improved, Again
    Perpetual Motion Machine
    Postcards from Nowhere
    Old MacDonald Had a Blog

    ok, they all suck. but at least i tried 😉

  2. Hmm… all good information.

    The inside joke is this:

    on the unix command line, commands are structured like this:
    [machine name (or domain name):~] username% command -argument filename

    So, the joke is this:
    [mylife(the name of the domain):~] #(the number sign means “root user”, the most powerful user on a unix machine) rm(the command for remove or delete) -r(the argument, which specifies that whatever follows should be deleted, WHATEVER it is. “-r” is the thermonuclear flamethrower command for “rm” or delete) knuckleheads(would be the file name to be deleted.)

    So, the gist of that command is “Remove all the knuckleheads from the domain “my life” no matter who or what they are.”

    I am leaning towards “Tractor Worship.”

  3. At first I thought the title of this entry was ‘Reaming the Blog.’

    Hey, maybe that could be the new name for your blog! Although I do like Tractor Worship an awful lot.

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