Gates to Windows Users: “It’s your fault.”

Look, it’s not our fault that you got hosed. Don’t you have a sys admin living in your closet to keep all of your computers up to date?

Why are people still using Windows? (That’s a rhetorical questions- Why are people still using heroin? They don’t know how to stop….)

Email me, Windows users- we’ll find a way to get you off the junk. The first step is admitting that you’re powerless over the OS, and that your computer has become unmanageable.

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if someone wants to lend me the cash to buy that spiffy new G5, I’ll trash my Windoze machine in a skinny minute.

    My name is Margi, and I’m a slave to The Prince of Darkness.

  2. Amber

    You don’t need a new G5. Those machines are ridiculous. They are absurd for the average user. Get yourself a nice G3 or G4 that’s a few years old. Like my 2-year-old iBook, for example. I love her.

  3. balloonman

    “In every case there has been a virus attack, we actually had improvements in the system that would have prevented it before the virus came out,” Gates said. “What was weak though was the ease in which our customers could keep their systems up to date.”

    I interpret this to be at least accepting the blame for not making updating easy enough. I wouldn’t know how easy it is myself, but my limited use of Windows leads me to believe it’s a pain in the arse. There are great galloping hordes(herds?) of Windows users who manage to stay up-to-date and didn’t get wormed. Is he perhaps calling the rest of them idiots for not being able to figure it out? Maybe just too lazy?

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