Interesting new web site

New to me anyway-
Soldiers for the Truth. It’s retired and active duty military guys sounding off.

From their site:
“Inspired by the outspoken idealism of retired Colonel David Hackworth, SFTT aims to give our service people, veterans, and retirees a clear voice with the media, Congress, the public and their services.”

Col. Hackworth, if I racall correctly, was the man who wrote “About Face,” which took Bob McNamara and company to task for trying to bean count the Viet Nam conflict.

Today’s lead-off article is about Pfc Jessica Lynch. Interesting stuff.

This is what I think of when I hear the phrase “support the troops.” I mean to REALLY support the troops- to make sure that they get paid a living wage, that they aren’t thrown into harm’s way for poltical or otherwise spurious reasons, to make sure that they have adequate health care and retirement when they come home.

By now we are all familiar with the aphorism that “War is politics by other means.” The outright cynicism and callousness of that remark irks me daily. I grew up around these guys. My dad is a retired Air Force Colonel and Viet Nam vet. The friend that I trust most in the world is a retired soldier with more bullet holes and broken bones in him than any living man I have ever met. I have always known combat veterans as the men that I call “Sir.” I love these men- I often feel unworthy of their company. “Politics by other means” is such a flip dismissal what these guys have endured.

If I had any respect at all for the sort of people that called me “treasonous” for questioning the advisability of the war in Iraq, it would have really angered me. But one thing I have learned about these men- no one loves peace more than a combat veteran. And the redfaced, war-crazed jingos that wanted this war so badly got it after all. I hope they lie awake at night. I sincerely do.

Sorry, I know… more tractors… I just got carried away there…

Go check out this site and see what their take on things is. It might surprise you.

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