The Wi-Fi tour

W00T! Decided to come up to my old stomping grounds to do some work, make a little money and see some old friends. (and my brother, David Strain)

I have been wearing the wireless card out- I have been on four different wireless networks in two days. My favorite was the one on campus at UGA. Just sit by the fountain on North Campus and log on.

What fun. My friend B.- is up here with me. He thinks that I should get little stickers to put on the lid of the laptop with little W-Fi logo like you used to see on the side of the fighter planes in WW2.

I dread the day when I get to where I don’t get a huge kick out of logging on to a Wi-Fi network. One day I’ll probably start taking it for granted. But until then, I still feel like I am getting it for free.

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