best weekend ever

Just got back from the firing range, where many clay pigeons were turned to dust by guys with nice shotguns. Joy is mine. Now we are going to eat Indian Food. I am having such a nice weekend, and thanks the the Labor Movement in this country, we get an extra day of it. Salud, comrade!

More sounding off about windows in other places-
this is something I had to say over at A Small Victory about the guy that was arrested for propagating the Blaster Worm:

“I understand the criticism that people should be more conscientious about running the once-a-week security updates from Redmond and patches from their anti-virus software vendor, but I think that they are off-base. Here’s why- I don’t run any anti-virus software. None. No firewall either. Seriously. I don’t even update my system because I use such an old computer that new OS updates make my DVD player act all funny.

Read that again:
I don’t do any of that stuff.

And my computer runs fine. It’s a three year old Mac Powerbook running OS X, rev. 10.2.1

Why doesn’t windows work this well? Because no one forces them to.

Should every computer user be a sys admin? Hell, no. Do you recalibrate your own brakes? Change you own oil? How about adjusting the alignment on your front end? Cut our your own appendix? Fix your own watch? Pushing this responsibility off on the end user is a cop-out. Microsoft can do better- they don’t because no one makes them.”

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