We have a name for this where I come from

We call it “Sticking your dick in a hornets’ nest.”

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) — When two men walked into a popular country store outside Atlanta, announced a holdup and fired a shot, owners Bobby and Gloria Doster never hesitated. The pair pulled out their own pistols and opened fire.

The armed suspect and his partner were killed. The Dosters won’t be charged, according to local officials, because they were acting in self-defense.

Talk about split brain disease- on one hand, I read something like this and I think “We must be the most bloodthirsty society the planet earth has ever coughed up.” Four people, four guns, two dead. On the other hand, part of my brain calmly drones “If you kick the dog, don’t cry when he bites you.” Who wakes up in the morning and thinks “I got a pistol. I should go over to Shoats’ and stick it in that big redneck’s face and take his money. HE won’t be packing…”?

I have bought biscuits here plenty of times. If I had to make a list of people most likely to have a pistol in their jeans, Shoats Doster would have been right up near that top. Maybe I should publish that list as a public service.

  1. Goddamn that’s funny.

    Almost as funny as the stories you hear sometimes about morons trying to rob gun stores. When they’re open.

    This is what happens when the kiddies pee in the shallow end of the gene pool…

  2. Just one of the 2,000,000 crimes prevented each year by the presence of a firearm (not necessarily the discharge of same).

    You may well ask if a few convenience store dollars is worth a life. Well, not to me, but my life certainly is, and those clerks weren’t taking any chances. The crooks made a bad decision and paid for it. Two less armed robbers is no loss to society, and the gene pool is cleaned up a little.

  3. Just one of the 2,000,000 crimes prevented each year by the presence of a firearm (not necessarily the discharge of same).

    Not to start a fight here, but care to cite something for that tidbit, Gordon?

  4. Listen to all these gun-hating liberals….


    You guys crack me up. For a bunch of lefto-pinko-commies, you sure seem to respect a guy’s right to protect his family.

    Who wants to go shooting?

  5. eponymous, I don’t have anything to hand, but I will try to find a cite for you. This would include such things as a handgun or a long arm being used to deter burglars, rapists, armed robbers, thugs, etc. You don’t hear much about it unless someone gets shot because a not-crime is not news. The very knowledge that a law-abiding citizen (by definition the only ones allowed to have firearms) is, or may be, armed is often the only deterrent needed.

  6. I’d love to go shootin’ with ya, Patrick. Tin cans quake in fear at my very presence. Guns are fun, but it looks like I won’t get my Barrett Light 50, since Ah-nold just made them illegal here.

  7. Fair enough, Gordon, I’m just curious. I see a lot of interesting figures and apocryphal stories coming out of the NRA-types and I’m just a little wary.

    Me? I’m just a big fan of the 2nd Amendment, “well-regulated” and all…

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