Sugartime, ladies!

Josh Marshall points us towards this:

The nation’s new education secretary denounced PBS on Tuesday for spending public money on a cartoon with lesbian characters, saying many parents would not want children exposed to such lifestyles.

The not-yet-aired episode of Postcards From Buster shows the title character, an animated bunny named Buster, on a trip to Vermont — a state known for recognizing same-sex civil unions. The episode features two lesbian couples, although the focus is on farm life and maple sugaring.

A PBS spokeswoman said late Tuesday that the nonprofit network has decided not to distribute the episode, called Sugartime!, to its 349 stations.

It’s those hyper-tolerant commies at PBS again!

A friend of mine watched Triumph of the Will last night. He said it was the creepiest thing he had ever seen.

I asked him if he had any moments of creeping “This is too familiar”-ism, and he refused to comment while at work. That certainly raised my eyebrows, and he just nodded at me.


  1. I asked him if he had any moments of creeping “This is too familiar”-ism,

    I wonder if Hitler’s minions had all those folks at those fancy rallies sign “Loyalty Oaths” before they could walk into the stadium and cheer for der Fuhrer?

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