did I mention?

We close on the house on Monday. Then begins my leastest favorite passtime- MOVING.

After moving I have to figure out what to do about kitchen cabinets and closet space, since this little farmhouse is pretty spare on both.

After that, it should be getting close to tilling time. Then chickens. Hopefully, shortly after that, Mrs. Dog will be able to live in the same town as her husband.

I think that (ideally) the housewarming party will be on March 5th. You’re invited.

  1. you probably already thought of this, but a lot of people overlook it — vertical space. shelves can hold a lot of stuff! so can concrete blocks and 2×4’s, but i doubt you wanna be as ghetto-rific as i am. haha =)

  2. I got a garage that’s now a woodworking shop. The basement is now a master suite. Have I mentioned the joys of home ownership combined with a woman who watches HGTV and says, ‘you can do that, right, honey’? I’m always building something. Lotsa luck, Patrick. Ha!

  3. Ha! Honey-dos. “Honey, do this, Honey, do that…”

    I’d rather machine something out of steel than make it out of wood. My wife’s seen my wood-work, so I’m off that hook.

    Reminds me of a joke: Guy comes home, tells his wife, “Pack up. I just lost you in a poker game.” “How the Hell did you do that?” she says.
    “Wasn’t easy,” he replies, “Had to fold on four aces.” 🙂

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