Picture time

These two pups are up for adoption. Mrs. Dog and I are trying to figure out if we can afford them in terms of time and space.

From the description in the email that I got:

Two 8-week old puppies still avilable.

Mother is Chocolate Lab, Father is unknown

These sweet puppies need a good home. I don’t want to have to take them to the animal shelter. But we already have 4 adult dogs plus other animals.

One is male and one is female. One is all black and the other is black with white paws.

Puppies 019.jpg

Puppies 016.jpg

Puppies 017.jpg

  1. QotD

    As fas as time and space, having had two big dogs at the same time (first in a studio apartment), there’s not much difference between having two than one. Two eat more, that’s it. They keep each other company, you still have to train, walk, amuse one, may as well make it two. Okay, two puppies at one time can be crazy making, but at least when you’re done with house-breaking and basic obedience, you don’t have to start all over again with the new one. Two people, two dogs, it all can work out if you want it.

  2. Man, springers rock. My grandfather had those. We used to hunt quail with them.

    I dunno. There’s no practical way I can take these guys in, unless we get a roommate until Mrs. Dog gets done with her job in another part of the state.

  3. There’ll always be pups that need you.

    One of my springers likes to chase squirrels. I actually cut off a coupla lower limbs of a tree cuz I was afraid she’d get stuck up in it. She tries to fly after birds, too. Not much success yet, thank God.

    The other one just chases food.

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