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Mrs. Dog is acting in a theater production of The Diary of Anne Frank right now. Went to see it last night. It’s a good production, Mrs. Dog is, as always, a stellar actor, and the show is, despite its tiny handful of faults, moving and frightening.

Lately, I have been thinking about the Nazis more than is probably healthy for a young man like myself. I watched The Pianist some months ago, and a friend recently watched Triumph of the Will. Whoops, wrong photo

I can’t watch the Nazis, or think about the Nazis and the rounding up of the Jews in Warsaw and Utrecht without running a mental inventory of the guns in my gunsafe and ammo in my closet. Watching Anne Frank, I found myself wondering what would have happened if the Jews of Warsaw had been as heavily armed as I am.

I may be a leftist and an environmentalist and an advocate for a safer and saner society, but I am not a fool. might need to throw it in reverse when someone makes the Bushista/Nazi comparison, but I feel no such compunction. These people scare me. Tomorrow I will be at the Gun Storeā„¢ buying a case of .308. If nothing else, milk jugs will quake at the mention of my name for years to come.

  1. Thank goodness you have guns. That’s two of us liberals who believe in the whole Bill Of Rights. If people found out how much fun they are, things’d be a lot better.

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