I’d LOVE to go bowling, BUT…

For years, I have been the guy on the other end of the phone, saying “C’mon, let’s go bowling/out to eat/to that Cuban film at the student center/to see that band…etc” while any number of my friends have said to me… “Love to. Can’t. Gotta work on the house.” This has annoyed me tremendously over the years.

Work on the house? For FREE? Wouldn’t you rather go do something FUN?

Well, last night, in the dark, I went and looked at my house. I stood in the massive yard and thought “I need a riding mower.” (There are two acres of grass to mow.) And I thought “I need to insulate underneath the house” and “I need more cabinets in the kitchen.”

Suddenly, I want to work on my house. Who knew that was lurking in there?

  1. Oh no! You’re becoming “that guy”!

    When you have kids, are you going to regale everyone with all the banal minutiae of your kids’ cuteness? (David Cross reference there.)

  2. Here’s a tip: Get to Costco and get a pack of legal pads. You’ll need them for your “to do” lists.

    Riding mowers are OK, but if you get a quad and heavily accessorize, you can handle anything.

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