What a relief

I just turned to the person in the next office and said “Do you hear that awful high-pitched noise?” and he said “yes.”

Thank god. I thought it was the onset of tinnitus. I really should wear ear protection at practice.

The problem is that when we, together, went searching for the cause, we discovered that another of our co-workers had a monitor that was going bad (and it’s emitting a needle-sharp keening that makes it feel like someone is drilling into my eardrum with a jewelry dremel) and he has progressive hearing loss, so he doesn’t hear it. He’s not worried about it.

This is why the guy who doesn’t bathe in boot camp gets beaten with bars of soap wrapped in towels. Some folks are just immune to the idea of a Collective Good until they are given a compelling reason to consider the implications of their actions.

  1. I’m confused. Did he know about the noise it was making and just didn’t care, or did he genuinely not hear it? Had anyone told him before that it was loud and annoying and dangerous?

  2. You’ll get used to the ringing in your ears in time. The little voices take longer to get used to. Trust me on this one. Back, you people! Back, I say!

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