A special message for the fixer

Where’s the best place to get a crate 302 and what’s a good price to pay for one?

I have found (but not yet purchased) an 85 F-150 that needs a motor. If we can keep the peanut gallery quiet long enough to have this discussion (*coughcough* Gordon… *coughcough*), I am trying to figure out if the best path to go is to have the local wizard (a guy known to mechanics all over town simply as “Winterville Bill”) rebuild it or to have a crate motor dropped in it.

If I can find a 302 Windsor…. hoo doggie….

AND should I swap the fuel injection for a four banger or leave the old injector system where it sits? It’s about as simple as a fuel injector gets- MAP sensor, injector, throttle body madness….and, sure the injector is more efficient that the carb, but the carb would be so simple and there’s NO COMPUTER (or O2 sensor) on a carb. Your thoughts?

  1. Jasper Engines. I can tell you that without thinking. They are, by far, the best rebuilder in the aftermarket business. Here. Too bad you aren’t in the NYC area. I’d have done it myself.

    LMC Truck. these guys do other parts. A good resource. Good luck. Email me if you need any more Ford knowlege. My brain is your brain.

  2. As for the 2nd question. I think fuel injection is the greatest thing to happen to a V-8 engine. And, to dispel rumor, carbs are NOT easier than fuel injection, at least not the EEC system you got on that. Rule of thumb: Replace EVERY vaccum hose. Replace the coolant temp sensor. Replace the O2 sensor. Do this right away.

  3. Oh, and throw a tune up at it. Don’t forget the fuel filter (borrow the little tool if it came with the Q-D setup, use the new little white clips they give you with the filter if the other type. Throw the old little white clips away.). USE MOTORCRAFT PARTS. I can’t stress this enough, it makes a difference. I use Delco on GMs and Mopar on Dodge. When you take off the distributor cap, you’ll see a band going halfway around the inside of the dist, about a quarter inch thick. It could be either tan or black. If tan, replace the cap, rotor, and wires and continue with the tuneup. If black, either replace with a tan one, or take the dist out and have it rebuilt. The black ones were recalled. ’85 is a gray year, before they went to EEC-IV, so I’m guessing what you have. The trucks were funny.

  4. And look at the ignition module (the gray box bolted to the outside of the dist). If it ain’t Motorcraft, get a new one (unless it’s a Standard Ignition unit, you can save that). If it’s from anybody else, throw it away. Use the dielectric grease between it and the dist when you put it back. Clean the old, white, flaky shit off first. ford runs 5 amps through that printed circuit, so heat dissipation is paramount. (5.5mm head on the bolts. Buy a 5.5mm socket if ya ain’t got one.)

  5. When you have the air cleaner off, take off the hose going to the intake plenum. Crack the butterfly and look for dirt around the throttle bore. If it’s all coked up (the EGR valve is right there), steal the Ol’ Lady’s toothbrush and squirt some mild carb cleaner in there and go to town with the toothbrush. Wash it off before you give it back ot her. Make sure it’s clean in there, and the orifice in the throttle plate (butterfly). That’s a calibrated orifice and the crap builds up in there (mostly from PCV gases and the heat of the EGR valve opening). Make sure the EGR valve works properly too.

  6. Of course. I thought of all that. [/sarcasm]

    My back yard is an entire acre. (fenced) You have a herding dog.

    Today it’s 70ยบ with a nice breeze. Room and board for free, and I would pay you for the work AND there’s an outdoor (free) firing range ten minutes from my house.

    Sure you don’t need a vacation?

  7. Sam

    It sure is fun watching y’all go back and forth. Go on down there Fixer and get to work. You know you want to! It be great if you could document the work and post the photos.

  8. Damn. Jasper has one for $1842.00. That’s for a 5.0 liter 302. That’s a great price. I am not sure if that’s including shipping or not, but there’s a core deposit, and a skid deposit…

    I was in Marietta last night buying a piece of furniture. 50 minutes door to door if traffic on the north end of ATL doesn’t suck, which it often does…

  9. Now ya got me thinking. Ya know, if you found yourself a wrecked GT Mustang, Lincoln LSC, V-8 T-Bird or Cougar, you could swap the motor and tranny right over. You’d just need new motor mounts and tranny mount, and take the processor and 60-pin harness and engine harness from whatever car you’re yanking the motor out of. If it’s new enough, you’d need the tranny harness too. Alll you might have to do is tap into the brake light circuit with one wire and ground to tell the processor when you were braking. Oh, and speaking of that. Another rule of thumb: Every engine control is ground-switched. That means there’s always a ‘hot’ line going to a sensor. Just something to keep in the back of your mind in the Ford world.

  10. Thing is, Fixer, people who come down here from the City in springtime… they usually just go back to get their stuff and break their lease.

    When you’re out there under a magnolia tree letting the sun warm your bones, you have to remember- in August, it’s hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock around these parts.

  11. Sam, I’m an old engine builder. The scent of a new project on the wind gets me going. If I didn’t work in such a small shop, I’d probably be arranging time to go down and help Patrick put this baby together. There’s an ’81 F-350 Cowboy Cadillac sitting in my driveway (460 CID) just waiting to become a hotrod. Right after I build the new shop behind the house. That’s next year.

  12. And if you ARE gonna go with a carb. I’d recommend Edelbrock for a matched set, carb and intake manifold. Don’t go over 650 CFM with the carb and use a dual-plane intake. Always use Fel-Pro gaskets.

  13. hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock

    …under the hood of an overheated Ford in the desert in August. My awed reverent silence at Fixer’s fine words of wisdom couldn’t take it anymore when I saw that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. And one thing I should have asked before I got all riled up. Do you have, or do you expect in the near future, vehicle emissions inspections coming to your area? It could make a BIG difference in how you put that sucka back together.

  15. Plus the truck is an ’85, so it would be grandfathered in, even in emissions-testing places like ATL.

    SO. Let me go yap with this old guy that is trying to figure out what to do with his old F-150 now that the bearings are bad in the engine. I am going to try to pry it out of his hands, cheap. We’ll see.

    I will keep you posted.

  16. Damn, this is one entertaining conversation.

    I’ll have to hang around while this is being done and document it with my camera. I’m sure the Fixer and yella will be too busy werkin’ and shootin’

  17. oi- no drinking and shooting. I have seen too much stupid stuff happen when drunks get ahold of firearms.

    But drinking and knucklebusting on the bottom of an engine, that’s all part of the game.

  18. oh, yeah.

    this place is ten minutes from my house:
    Hot Thomas’ Barbeque 3753 Highway 15, Watkinsville, GA 30677, 706-769-6550, An old-timey roadside barbecue place that is a local favorite for barbecue, Brunswick stew, and homemade sandwiches. They are open daily for lunch and dinner.

    AND I live in between three peach orchards. No shit.

  19. Let’s see, I have a couch (sleeps one), a guest bed (sleeps two), some floor space (as many as three) and a kennel (for Gordon).

    Then there’s Eponymous’ house…

  20. I think you guys are teasing me. No matter. I’m used to sleeping in the doghouse. I’ve had my 6-way and been de-wormed, too. Mrs. G won’t get me a rabies shot in case there’s someone she wants me to bite.

  21. Damn Patrick! You know how to stir up conversation!

    I am so coming to visit you in Bishop. (You see how I just did that? How I just invited myself? Classy.) I love small Georgia towns (to visit, not to live in). I’ll bring my camera!

  22. x6xdemonx6x

    Anyone have any input of yanking a 302 efi out of a 85 f-150 and transplanting a 351 into it. I’m planning of yanking the 351 from a yard and rebuilding it may bore to 30 over and slap in a rv cam but other then that maybed headers and thats it. Mainly i want to know where to look for the engine (i.e. certain year broncos and trucks and what not) will i need the computer. Is there much difference in settup if i go with carb so on and so fourth anythign you guys can give me will be appreciated thanks

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