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Let me first admit that I am in danger of getting my lefty-card revoked. Why? Because I haven’t paid enough attention to the whole Social Security debate. At all. I mean, clearly the Bushistas have it in for any remaining remnant of the new deal, and their “Don’t these people have inheritances?” sort of Let Them Eat Cake approach to doing the job that government is supposed to do is just one more log on an already blazing fire.


Two things have come to my attention in the last 24 hours.

1. From Agent Little Bird, we get this cryptic, tersely worded article from the Baltimore Sun:

Federal agents seized items from Social Security Administration headquarters in Woodlawn yesterday, apparently as part of an investigation of alleged fraud.

About noon yesterday, about a half-dozen people – some of them with lettering on their clothing identifying them as federal agents – were seen taking what appeared to be numerous boxes from the lower east building at the Social Security Administration offices and loading them into an unmarked blue van.

An agent at the scene would not comment.

Barry Maddox, a spokesman for the FBI’s Baltimore office, confirmed that the FBI had been at the Social Security complex.

He said he would not disclose any details, saying that the matter is an “ongoing investigation.”

Maddox referred questions to Marcia Murphy, a spokeswoman at the U.S. attorney’s office. Murphy said she could not comment.


2. Josh Marshall reports that there are ads at Craigslist asking for focus group participants to study marketing materials for privatization advocacy:

Earlier this evening we brought you the news that Craig’s List had a listing, purportedly on behalf of the Social Security Administration’s Office of Communications, asking for partipants for a series of focus groups on selling privatization.

As a slew of readers have now informed us, the ad has just been pulled.

I don’t pretend to know what’s going on with either one of these. I am left to wonder if someone at SSA might have blows the whistle on the crew that is trying to push grandma in front of a train and the FBI has come a-callin’.

I just hope that if someone’s blowing the whistle, they know that the agency tasked with protecting them from evil is going to throw them to the wolves.

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