The “lucky” ones

There’s an article at I dunno. I read it, and you probably should, too, but it’s fairly depressing.

It is so much easier, of course, to call the U.S. wounded unlucky, the double and triple amputees maimed in a war that has not always gone as planned. If Kevlar and ceramic plates are the great lifesavers of modern warfare along with quick-clotting powders and ultrasound units that fit in backpacks, how many more lives and limbs might have been saved if the humvees that were meant for transport in noncombat zones had been equipped with the armor necessary for a guerrilla war that has no front lines, no safe havens?

I can’t believe that we’d throw these guys bodies and minds away on something as senseless as the Iraq War. The argument “Well, we’re there now, and we have to see it through to the end” stops making sense to me when I start looking at the possibility of a never-ending stream of young men and women going over there and coming home shy a limb or two. What end? Which end?

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