the Guy in the Next Office

The guy in the next office down the hall is going through a divorce. I can hear way too much of his personal conversations with his soon-to-be ex-wife. This is a small building, and there’s not much privacy.

My impression is that she calls him at work (annoyingly, at roughly the same time every day) and jerks his chain. I went through a divorce once, and fortunately, as long as I didn’t get between my ex and The Party (wherever and whenever that was) we didn’t have any static. This guy next door to me sounds like he is getting raked over the coals. The fact that this always seems to happen about 2:30 makes me think that she skips lunch and gets ├╝ber-crabby in the mid-afternoon dip and she comes after him, guns blazing, at the same time every day.

I wonder if he sees that pattern yet? Or is it going to be three or four years from now that he suddenly “gets it”?

  1. I’m so glad my ex and I couldn’t stand each other so much that we did everything we could to make getting away from each other as easy as possible.

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