Secrets of the Flying Ears REVEALED!

If you don’t know Addison, you’re not going to understand this at all.

If you do, now I think we have some idea of what he does all day when no one is around…


  1. Oh my fucking god that is hilarious. I think you need to add a “no beagles were injured in producing this post” disclaimer. Can you explain exactly what happened here. Is it my imagination or has Addison been hurled through space like a shot put by white tee shirt boy?

  2. This was a random photo I found on the internet, and the only explanation that I could find was that it was one of a series of shots made by people tossing their pets in the air and taking pictures. The guy on the doorway is not the one that tossed the beagle, he burst in just as the camera went off.

    And that’s all I know.

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