See, this is why…

Why is it that Michael Bérubé can so blithely and blissfully kick so many right wing asses and come out smiling like a jack’o’lantern? David Horowitz is so annoying, I think he could make Saint Francis throttle a sparrow, but Bérubé puts his foot so far up DHo’s butt he could use him for a kickstand, and cracks jokes about it, posting sunny pictures of himself swanning around New York City. (Here’s Michael at The Gates, here’s Michael at some art opening, etc…) I have a theory about this…

Being a right wing zealot is all about hating people. (Look at the horse-faced harridan, Ann Coulter, and try to imagine her having a moment of warmth with a stranger. I, personally, picture her throwing things at “the Help,”) To be a part of the right wing noise machine, you have to hate gay people, poor people, liberal people, educated people, volvo driving people, brown people, black people, French people, people without guns, people that don’t eat meat, people that don’t drive SUVs, etc. Look at the latest atrocities at Little Green Footballs and tell me it didn’t take a LOT of energy to drum up the hate to make an entire Café Press Store dedicated to mocking the death of peace activist Rachel Corrie. I mean, that’s a tiny penis and psoriasis lot of energy…

On the other hand, go read this post… Just go. Have a tissue handy.

See, Bérubé has the secret weapon of lefty-liberal types everywhere. His is not the pinched, angry, shame-obsessed soul of a Jerry Falwell or Robert Novak. Bérubé is overflowing with love, generosity and peace with life. Boundless love. See, Bérubé wins these little dustups because he’s a happy guy. He won before Horowitz had his little brown shirt on, because whatever was said, Michael goes back to his life, and it would appear to be a pretty good one. Horowitz goes back to scraping DNA samples off of dresses looking for proof that Osama bin Ladin and Barbara Streisand hooked up. What a lonely little pissant he must be….

We win. We get the Beatles, too. Ha.

  1. One thing that has always defined the right (and reactionary/fundamentalist movements in general) is their fear. Fear which translates to hate. Fear which translates to rage. Fear which translates to the dehumanization and demonization of one’s political opponents.

    The fear, of course, is based on changes that are occurring to the status quo as well as the evolution of society in general. In our age of rapid change, even the evolution of reactionary/fundamentalist movements has sped up accordingly and taken a distinctly modern tone inconceivable a mere one hundred years ago.

    While they can mimic progressive talking points, fake the empathy toward the dispossessed and downtrodden, and pretend to share the desire for positive outcomes that so many liberal movements possess, they are never able to hide it completely. Their contempt, their hatred, their desire to rule over others and control them which forms the core of their being and defines their actions. They can never truly hide this.

    That’s why we will win.

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