220… 221, whatever it takes.

Ever get the impression the Bush White House just throws darts at a board to see who gets what job?

Karen Hughes as “the Bush administration’s choice for a State Department post designed to change Islamic perceptions about America.” Uh. What?

John Bolton, in the words of former colleague Frederick Vreeland:

“Bolton has none of the qualities needed for that job,” Frederick Vreeland, a former U.S. ambassador to Morocco, said in an e-mail to the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “On the contrary, he has all the qualities needed to harm the image and objectives in the U.N. and its affiliated international organizations. If it is now U.S. policy not to reform the U.N but to destroy it, Bolton is our man.”

Add these incompetents to the list with Bernard Kerik and everyone’s favorite White House Reporter/Male Escort (like you need a link for THAT…). What the hell’s going on up there?

All these appointments are clearly made along the fault lines of the President’s perception if who is most loyal, not who is most qualified. I would guess this would be a natural reaction for a man who isn’t terribly bright trying to cope with the many defections which have occurred in the last two years. Makes me wonder if the President is running right past competent people in favor of people who he knows won’t publicly contradict the Administrations coddling of theocrats, abandoning of science and mindless worship at the altar of the NeoCons.

On a more speculative note, this speaks volumes about the institutional paranoia that seems to be gripping the White House, what with loyalty oaths for public gatherings, screenings for Lefty “Troublemakers” at these scripted public appearances and the manhandling of the media that has become the hallmark of this administration… Is this the beginnings of the spectacular flameout, a la Jew-obsessed Richard Nixon?

Popcorn, anyone?

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