Just another dead, gay, drug-addicted republican election fixer…

I have to hand it to the NY Times… it has to be difficult to serve this up without blinking… I mean, it must take an urban dispassion that I can only aspire to. (“A gay, drug-addicted republican election fixer…? It happens all the time around here, son. We got a million of them. Look at dear Karl… Brush those hayseeds out of your hair…”)

ON the morning of Saturday, Feb. 26, a day before the Academy Awards, the actress Carrie Fisher woke up in her Beverly Hills home next to the lifeless body of a gay Republican political operative named R. Gregory Stevens.

Before its abrupt end, Mr. Stevens’s journey had taken him from the beaches of San Clemente, Calif., and the slopes of Sun Valley, Idaho, all the way up the Republican ranks to a job in the first Bush White House at age 26. And it launched him on a jet-setting career as a political fixer manipulating elections in backrooms and palaces from Costa Rica to Croatia, Thailand to Togo, South Korea to the former Soviet Union.

AND… and to run the story in the “Arts and Leisure” section?

That’s so “We refuse to be phased by this…”

I am not worthy.

  1. ‘Republican’ and ‘Fixer’ in the same sentence

    A million monkeys at a million typewriters for a million years couldn’t…

    Patrick does it on the first try! 🙂

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