Tiger Drop

Well, today’s officially the day. Tiger is available for general release. I love this “article” at CNN.com. I think Steve Jobs has a mole.

Despite a much smaller user base, Mac OS X has been steps ahead of Microsoft’s Windows on key fronts since its first release in 2001.

It’s got more advanced and polished graphics. It’s less prone to malicious attacks. And Macs look better than nearly all Windows PCs.

Until recently, Apple has been dogged by a reputation for high prices. Its computers now start at $499, and the number of programs that run on them has grown dramatically. Tiger provides another incentive to switch from Windows.

Personally, I am not yet sold on the new appearance of Mail.app. I really loved the last iteration of Mail.app. I am prepared to give it a chance. I have only had it for about 48 hours (I have my sources) so I don’t have strong opinions about any aspect of Tiger, yet.

But rest assured, I will.

  1. ben

    mail.app is marginally better if you go to “customize toolbar” and drag the icons to the far left above the mailbox display. right now i’ve got it like so:

    [reply-replyall-forward] [new] [get mail] [delete-junk]

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