This will probably amount to nothing

but at least, as Gordon points out, someone’s doing SOMETHING:

A coalition of activist groups running the gamut of social and political issues will ask Congress to file a Resolution of Inquiry, the first necessary legal step to determine whether President Bush has committed impeachable offenses in misleading the country about his decision to go to war in Iraq, RAW STORY has learned.

The formal Resolution of Inquiry request, written by Boston constitutional attorney John C. Bonifaz, cites the Downing Street Memo and issues surrounding the planning and execution of the Iraq war. A resolution of inquiry would force relevant House committees to vote on the record as to whether to support an investigation.

“The recent release of the Downing Street Memo provides new and compelling evidence that the President of the United States has been actively engaged in a conspiracy to deceive and mislead the United States Congress and the American people,” Bonifaz wrote in a memo to the ranking House Judiciary Committee Democrat John Conyers (D-MI)

At least someone can say something when their grandchildren ask “What did grandpa do when they tried to kill democracy?”

  1. “What did grandpa do when they tried to kill democracy?”

    Mine will be able to say. “The crazy old man was one of the first to storm the gates.”

  2. Well, OK. Blow them fuckers to Kingdom Come, and I know you know how. I don’t wanta see them hinges comin’ down ’til next week. Toss in a coupla frags while you’re at it. Then, take one step outta the way, just fer a second ta let me by, and bring in the body bags. Oh yeah, try not to step on my spent magazines, I had ta pay fer ’em myself.

    Ah, to dream. The pigsticker’s nice ‘n sharp, tho’, just in case.

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