Grand Unified Tinfoil Hat Theory of the DSM

I am sort of knitting some disparate elements together here, so bear with me.

Here are some things we know:

1. “intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy” as early as one year before the invasion- confirmed by the DSM. What if it was even earlier?

2. Back in July of 2003, I wrote that Judicial Watch had sued to gain access to the documents generated by the Cheney Energy Task Force. Now, don’t get the wrong idea, Judicial Watch is mostly a right wing attack dog, but they showed some principle in holding the Cheney Energy Task Force’s War Invasion Planners’ feet to the fire. The documents are here, and there are maps of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects therein. These documents are dated March of 2001. (Six months before 9/11 changed everything) (except, possibly, Bush’s plan to invade Iraq). FOIA suits are only able to recover certain public documents, however, and the official minutes and notes from these meetings are still being withheld. (see #3-)

3. The White House has fought tooth and nail to keep the notes from these meetings under wraps. You may recall that the fight went all the way to the Supreme Court, where Justice Scalia refused to recuse himself, despite what appeared to be clear evidence that he had been prepped for this very contingency on a duck hunting trip with the vice-prez himself. Previously, I had assumed that the reason that Cheney and Company were hiding these notes so obsessively was because the minutes of the meeting would reveal the level of collusion between the government and Big Energy robber barons like Enron. Perhaps there’s more to this than I previously thought. One must be able to infer something from the fact that….

4. Ken Lay still isn’t in jail. What’s this guy know that he’s holding over the White House’s collective head? Is he threatening to throw his own notes to the press? What if Ken Lay was promised a slice of Iraq back during the 2000 campaign? How do you think that would play to the American public?

I realize it’s a pretty big leap, but What if…?

  1. Interesting connection.

    Have you read Worse Than Watergate? If not, you definitely should. There are so many connections between things that seem, on the surface, unconnected; this wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  2. One of the things purportedly discussed at the energy meetings was how to divvy up Iraq’s oil after the war. They would install their own government so they could control who got it. Believe it or not, Big Oil didn’t want to do that. If I remember where I read that (I might have posted it as well) I’ll pass it to you.

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