Shakedown at work

I just love this story. Via Josh Marshall comes a link to a newspaper in Katherine Harris’ (R-Insane make-up) district detailing her history of strong-armed “donations” to her campaign.

I just love the way these people work. So much.

Eleven years ago, employees of the Riscorp insurance company made campaign contributions totaling $20,292 to U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris. It was later discovered the employees were illegally reimbursed for their donations. Five Riscorp executives pleaded guilty to a range of charges and the company’s president served a brief prison sentence. Harris denied any knowledge of the scheme, was never charged with any crime and was cleared of wrongdoing by a state investigator.

Fast-forward to 2004, when 16 employees of a company called MZM Inc. sent checks for $2,000 to her campaign — 14 of them on the same day. The $32,000 was in addition to $10,000 the company’s political action committee gave to her campaign. Last week, three employees told the San Diego Union-Tribune they were forced by the company’s chief executive to donate to the firm’s political action committee.

“Give this woman your paycheck for the week or you’re fired. We might pay you back for it.”

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