Interesting how things change

An acre and a half is a lot of grass. Good thing I got one of these, yesterday:


Welcome to home ownership.

(yes, that’s a cup holder…)

  1. Niiiice! If I could afford a new lawn tractor with a cup holder I’d get one, but in the meantime I either make do with the old Pony ( see and ) or pay my brother-in-law to come over with his ExMark ( ) whenever the lawn needs harvesting. He can cover as much ground in an hour as I can in four — but his mower cost more than any car I’ve ever bought.

    I may just have to fabricate a cup holder….

  2. Gas. My project for the weekend is to take the gas tank off and clean it thoroughly, along with the rest of the fuel system — hasn’t had much power lately, and I’m pretty sure that massive crud blockage is the problem.

  3. That would do it, actually. Also, check the fuel filter. I have a glass fuel filter for a gas tractor that I found out in the shed. Let me know if you need it.

  4. Katzenfinch – While you’re at it, check the compression, valve adjustments (if applicable), condition of the spark plugs & wires, ignition timing, and see if the exhaust pipe and muffler are carboned up. All of these things must be in good operating order as well as the fuel system.

    My brother-in-law has a John Deere lawn tractor for his 3 acres and loves it. Besides, there’s a lot more decorative logo stuff than for Kubota.

  5. Just replaced the plugs last season, and what a project THAT turned out to be. Apparently they hadn’t been out in 50 years, and the threads of one of them decided to stay. Naturally, this meant pulling the head off and taking it to a machine shop, locating a new head gasket at a reasonable price, and so on.

    Timing is good. Points and condenser are new. Plug wires are ancient, but they’re copper. Compression is OK. I’d like to give it an overhaul, but not this summer — it’s really the Bugeye’s turn for attention, once I get finished with an interminable freelance project I’m working on and have a little more free time.

    Patrick, thanks for the offer of the fuel filter! I’ll let you know.

  6. K.P.

    Nice Tractor. I just bought mine (same make and model) about 4 days ago. I love it. The thing has so much power. 20 Horse B&S V Twin. I had an old snowmobile that I needed to move. The sled wouldn’t start. Used the tractor to move it (made the job very easy). This is a perfect tool for a mid-sized property. I hope that you get yours running back to it’s intended performance.

  7. K.P.

    Oops, read my post and wanted to clarify. My tractor is the JD L111. The tractor I wish well to is katzenfinch’s rig.

  8. scott robertson

    I just bought and LT160 – dealer told me how much better a tractor it was. Anyway, I’ve not been impressed and have been toying with taking back and getting an L111…but dealer says the 100 series is “junk”. Do you feel the L111 is of good quality? Does it scalp your grass OR leave a good manicured look? Thanks – Scott.

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