Of Local Interest

If you’ve got a minute, let me recommend spending it looking at Jason Thrasher’s Fine Art and Editorial photographs.

Jason’s from Athens and a passing acquaintance of mine, and I have seen some of his photos before. I had the abundant pleasure of being there when he got back all of the prints of the photos he shot in Taladega. Watching him furiously rifle through them, occasionally holding one up and saying “AH! Yes!” or “Hm. Oh, well,” was a marvelous experience. Artists and their work are a world unto themselves. I felt like a benign voyeur.

His family photos and wedding photos are good, though they are unfortunately hampered here and there by the necessity of capturing a more objective subject than his amazing photos from Varanasi. I don’t even know where Varanasi is.

I went to his site looking for his phone number and ended up staying all morning. Go and see.

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