This weekend, we’re getting the house ready to paint

A helpful hint for my home-owning readers-

a. Working on more than one home-improvement project at a time.
b. Living in the house one is working on.
c. Doing it yourself.

Pick any TWO.

Fortunately, we’re just doing the pre-painting stuff- pressure washing, scraping, priming, sanding, caulking, etc- this weekend. We’ll paint it… some time…

Back when we bought the house, Gordon and the Fixer said something about never having a quiet weekend again… I think that they were speaking the truth…

  1. And then, when you get all done with a project and are in danger of breaking your arm from patting yourself on the back, you’ll look around and notice how shitty your new project has made everything else look….See Fixer’s comment.

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