Come out swinging

Conyers is refusing to lie down and die, much, I am sure, to the chagrin of the White House.

Today he’s polishing a nice silver platter. What’s he want on it?

Karl Rove’s Head:

Dear Mr. President:

We write in order to urge that you require your Deputy White House Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, to either come forward immediately to explain his role in the Valerie Plame matter or to resign from your Administration.


Regardless of whether these actions violate the law – including specific laws against the disclosure of classified information as well as broader laws against obstruction of justice, the negligent distribution of defense information, and obligating reporting of press leaks to proper authorities – they seem to reveal a course of conduct designed to threaten and intimidate those who provide information critical of your Administration, such as Ambassador Wilson.

This was read directly over Señora Shakes’ Shoulder.

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