You gonna stand there barking all day, little dog?

Or are you gonna do something?

This is so puerile it makes the Truth Tour look distinguished. And that’s saying something.

Political battles spark up everywhere, even in the freezer. Star-Spangled ice cream, a mail-order frozen concoction that promotes conservative values, is now available in mid-Atlantic retail stores and ready to go to war with Ben & Jerry’s. Star-Spangled founder Richard Lessner , a Washington consultant by day, told The Post his company takes aim at liberal-minded Ben & Jerry’s because “we disagree with their politics.” However, he admits the conflict is a bit one-sided: “We challenge them to taste tests. They pretty much ignore us.” Ben & Jerry’s spokeswoman Chrystie Heimert told The Post simply: “They are no perceivable threat to our business.” Ouch.

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