Sweet Sled

I am cruising around in my grandfather’s ’93 Crown Vic this week. It’s got like 34k miles on it. The air conditioning is an arctic wind that leaves my fingertips numb after ten minutes. It rides like a velvet hovercraft.

Last week it was my folk’s ’95 Suburban, which is an ecological nightmare and ugly as three kinds of sin. Early nineties GM products feel to me like they’re just waiting for an opportune moment to shit the bed and leave me stranded somewhere. Plus, who wants to be seen driving a fucking gas hog like that? (The ’84 Benz is down for the count just now, and the family needs me to hang on to these cars while they work out where he’s going to live.)

But this Crown Vic… no wonder you see these old guys in them all the time. Damn car feels like a million bucks.

  1. Darren

    What’s wrong with the Benz, Patrick? I recently picked up a Benz wagon, and I’ve been dragging Mikey, kicking and screaming, into MB competence.
    Spot on with the Crown Vic. My Dad bought the Mercury version a year or so ago, and it’s about 3 years old. It’s a yacht, and pushes like a dump truck, but man is it cush.

  2. There’s just a couple of repairs I have to do on the Benz- gotta fix the wipers and it needs an AC belt. Just been too busy to spend an afternoon working on it. Plus, the fucking weather has been beastly hot, and working on a car out in the sun sounds like my idea of the worst way to spend the day. I need to finish scraping the house and put a coat of primer on it….

    Life as a homeowner. It never ends, does it?

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