We loot our own empire in our spare time

Billmon takes a hard look at the voting on CAFTA. Oh, and it’s so ugly…

The thing that really alarms me about all this is the utter brazeness with which the loot is being divvied up now. The Dixiepublicans are acting as if there is simply no chance they will ever be held accountable for their sins anywhere short of the pearly gates. (And DeLay’s probably thinking: “If I just slip ol’ St. Peter a couple of C notes . . .” )

This whole “We’ll be kings forever… let’s wreck this joint” attitude is so collegiate. It really is like Congress has been overrun by the Ole Miss chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. I have expect to see CNN footage of beer bottles rolling down the Capitol Steps.

My outrage nerve is fried. Now I’m just worried about what this means for the rest of us.

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