Countdown to the Marine Corps Marathon

I run 26.2 miles in four days. I have talked about my past marathon experiences here, here, here, here and a few more places

Last year was kinda rough, but also kind of fun, though for my dad it was agony, since his back was thrown out of whack. My back is kind of tweaked from last weekend, but each day as I wake up, it feels a little better.

Wish me luck and fortitude.

  1. If you yell “Marines are a bunch o’ pussies” about every fifty feet, I think you will receive motivation to run faster, ever faster. You might even win! Best of luck.

  2. I’m running the marine corps this year, and I’m scared. I got a stress fracture, and haven’t been able to run for the past month. …any tips on how I can up my training and finish the marathon?

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