Consideration of the upshot

With Miers’ withdrawal comes a different set of issues. Agent PapaNeuva, despite lack of experience and comparative youth, has some thoughtful comments on the issue:

wasn’t I saying that this might be the plan to begin with? Trot Miers
out there, let her get beat up a little bit, then pull her in favor of
an extremely well qualified but scary-right (or scalia-y-right)

The script is a little different than planned, however, because it’s
the fundies and Federalist Society types who have been attacking her.
I’m hopeful that democrats were collectively quiet enough that they
still have arrows in their collective quivers.

Finally, it’s interesting to see Bush’s famous stubborness/resolve
crack. I guess he’s not as resolute when it’s the GOP going after him.
Perhaps he realized he’s going to need a few friends in the coming

If Rove hadn’t been down with kidney stones and facing probable indictment, I would have called this a Very Good Rope-a-dope.

Now, I realize that I am no scholar of all things Judicial Branch, but I kinda get the feeling that the Preznit is just too thin-skinned right now to hang someone out there to be his St. Sebastian. (Or some combination of Ali and the Perforated Saint.)

My point is that the President seems to me right now to be in Siege Mode. I think he’s half expecting for plague-ridden rats to be thrown over the walls at any minute. (Unfortunately, they’re the ones coming to his defense.)

Bush appears to me to be a man on tenterhooks waiting for some indication of just how deep the shit is going to get before it stops rising.

On the other hand, since the Miers nomination was revealed to the world on October 3rd, they may not have known how deadly this month would be for Bush’s numbers and how much play Fitzgerald would get as we approach Karmageddon.

You may be a lot more right than I am, APN, but it goes against my perception of the Preznit as a thin-skinned SOB right now.

  1. I think it might be the plan as well. Mrs. G doesn’t think so, but she tries to see the best in people. I keep trying to explain to her that these people’s “best” is normal people’s “worst”. Miers is certainly loyal enough to let it get done to her. I heard someone say that the wingnut response was a surprise, like a guy tied to a railroad track getting hit by a low-flying plane.

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